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  • Ashpaugh Electric maintained their hold on the lead in the Sheridan Horseshoe League after week five. Ashpaugh has 26.5 wins while Price Heating has 23, Deem Electric 21 and Traditional Concepts has 20.
    Individually, Mike Milcoff pitched the high game with a 94, 10 points ahead of second-place Greg Emry. Milcoff also had the high actual series with a 253 – and made it a clean sweep by taking high spot in handicap game (146) and handicap series (409).

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  • Stanley E. Robinson
    Stanley E. Robinson,Sheridan, passed away on June 6, 2021.
    He was born in Indianapolis on June 14, 1953, to Robert Eldon and Hazel (Hoaks) Robinson.
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  • A season that once looked so promising came to a crashing conclusion Friday night in the second-round of the Class A Sectional 46 for the Sheridan Blackhawks.
    Coach Bud Wright's squad wound up on the short end of a 55-12 shellacking at the hands of top-ranked Indianapolis Lutheran.
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  • Renew Indianapolis, a nonprofit organization committed to improving housing, economic development, and quality of life in the metropolitan Indianapolis area, announced it has expanded its small business loan program, the Build Fund, into Hamilton County. Operating in Marion County since 2015 as a nonprofit Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI), the Build Fund’s expansion to the north will connect even more businesses in Central Indiana to flexible, affordable, and responsible funding to help them grow, create jobs, and support neighborhood development.
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  • Traffic Q&A with Sgt. John Perrine

    Can a police officer be on private property watching for speeders?

    Click here to see what Sgt. John Perrine says . . . 

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