Hamilton County Elections Office administrator Kathy Richardson is disappointed at Tuesday's low voter turnout.
Of the 187,364 registered voters, only 30,186 voted in Hamilton County. Only 16.11 percent. 
Better than four years ago? 
Well, yes. In 2011, the voter turnout was 14 percent.
"It is just disappointing that the turnout's so low, especially on local races. I believe they affect your area, or your community, as much as the president's race, and 85 percent come out and vote for the president," Richardson said.
Overall Election Day went well in Hamilton County. "We had the usual poll workers calling in asking questions to get the voting machines up and going," Richardson said. 
She said the polls were steady all day. But slow.
This year was a record for Hamilton County voters who voted early, with 2,736 early voters, in office or by absentee, Richardson said. That total included 1,130 absentee voters and 1,606 early voters. Early voting ended at noon Monday. All of the early votes were counted Tuesday afternoon.
Richardson compared the early voting totals to four years ago, which where 1,300 total early voters.