With the season coming to an end, all the teams in the Sheridan Horseshoes League have been making strong final pushes to be the top team.

The pitchers came in Tuesday to play and we sure did see them push as metal was hitting the stakes at Biddle’s Memorial Park. Richard Law of JBS United, helped solidify his team at first place with an actual game of 99. He has been on fire the past few weeks inching closer to yet another 100 actual game in his career.

Mike Milcoff of Deem Electric came in behind him with an actual game of 73 and he’s helping his team inch closer to second place in the leaderboards. Don Dwigans seems to have found his rhythm again as he had a handicapped series of 377. Carry on Main, is having help from teammates Tamela McKinney and Doug McKinney as they are starting their pitches as well.

We shall see what next week holds when it’s a fight to the end!