The O’Reilly handicapped horseshoe tournament was Saturday in Sheridan, and hometown hero Phil Kercheval led the pack at end of game one. 

Michael Milcoff, winner of June's tournament, was second, 10 points behind the leader. Sheridan league rookie, Austin Burmeister came in third place. After the second game, Milcoff closed within five points of the lead. Kyle Wethington of Noblesville moved into third place, trailing by 10. The standings for the remainder of the five games stayed the same.

The top finishers were Kercheval, 604, Milcoff, 599 and Wethington, 583. The league is scheduled to play host to the Ashpaugh Electric open tournament Aug. 4. The tournament is for anyone over 18 years old. For information, visit or call 867-4467.

The Sheridan league has started into the second round. Three teams are tied for the lead after the first week. Next week two of the league leaders, Price Heating and Deem, battle each other for the lead.