The sound of metal clanking is under way yet again in Biddle’s Memorial Park as the Sheridan Horseshoe League completed its first week.

The first week found Mike Milcoff with an actual series of 204, he helped his team, Deem Electric, go 4-6 for the night. Price Heating is leading so far with 7 wins. Ashpaugh Electric and JBS United both won 6 games respectively.

Mike McKinney led all pitchers with a handicap series of 345, Richard Law and Brad McKinney both had the best handicap games of 126.

The Sheridan League will be holding the first of three tournaments on Sunday, June 2. The tournament is open for anyone 18 and over. You may establish an average for the next tournament. Prize money, as well as number of places paid depends on the number of entries. The tournament starts at 9 a.m., entry fee $10. Rain Date Sunday, June 9. For more information call Greg Emry (317) 353-5413 or Ron Holliday (317) 804-3523.